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Hinta: 1 129,00 €

Tuotteen saatavuus: 9 kpl

Toimitus: 2-6 arkipäivää,
varmista myymäläsaatavuus.


EIZO FlexScan EV2785, 68,6 cm (27"), 3840 x 2160 pikseliä, 4K Ultra HD, LED, 14 ms, Valkoinen

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One Cable Connection

Single Cable Connection with USB Type-C
The FlexScan EV2785 comes with a USB Type-C port. With a single USB Type-C cable you can transmit both video and audio signals, transfer data, and supply up to 60W of power to attached devices such as smartphones and laptops. What’s more, it has an internal power unit so no external AC adapter is required.

60 W Power Supply for Use with High-End Notebooks
The USB Type-C terminal supplies up to 60 watts of power making it ideal for use with XPS, MacBook Pro, and other high-end notebooks.

4K Resolution – Text and Images in Crisp Detail
The EV2785 features a 27-inch screen with a 4K resolution for a tight pixel pitch of 163 ppi. Furthermore an LED-backlit IPS (in-plane-switching) LCD panel is used which produces deep and vivid colors.

Function and Beauty

Frameless Design
With a bezel width of only 1 mm on the top and sides, the EV2785 is virtually frameless. Even with the 6.4 mm black borders along the perimeter of the LCD, there is only 14.8 mm between the display area of each screen in a multi-monitor configuration, which makes for almost seamless viewing

Say Goodbye to Tired Eyes

Auto Brightness Control
To prevent eye fatigue, a brightness sensor called Auto EcoView detects the changes in the ambient brightness that occurs throughout the day and automatically adjusts the screen to the ideal brightness level.

Clear View from All Angles
The monitor uses an LED-backlit IPS (in-plane switching) LCD panel with 178° viewing angle that minimizes color shift and contrast changes when viewing the screen at an angle. This means that two people sitting at the one computer can easily see the screen – and it also makes the EV2785 perfect for multi-monitor configurations.

Reduce Blue Light by 80%
In the visible light spectrum, blue light has wavelengths adjacent to ultraviolet light. Compared to the factory preset setting of 6,500 K of typical LCD monitors, Paper Mode is closer to the spectral distribution with long reddish wavelengths so it reduces the amount of blue light, a cause of eye fatigue, and helps prevent eyestrain when reading documents.

Flicker-Free Viewing
Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED backlights, a small number of people perceive flicker on their screen which causes eye fatigue. The FlexScan EV2785 utilizes a hybrid solution to regulate brightness and make flicker unperceivable without any drawbacks like compromising color stability – even on low brightness settings.

1% – 100% Brightness Range
In a dimly-lit work environment, a monitor with low brightness settings is more comfortable to use. With its LED backlight, the monitor is adjustable to 1 cd/m² which is less than 1% of the maximum.

Front-Facing Speakers
The EV2785 has speakers incorporated into the minimalist front bezel, ensuring that sound is focused on the user and not on people behind the monitor.

Versatile Stand
The stand features height adjustment, tilt, and swivel, while saving space and remaining stylish. Quickly and smoothly adjust your monitor to the perfect position.

Intelligent Software to Work Better

EIZO’s Screen InStyle is a free software that allows you to easily manage monitor settings such as power, color, brightness and gamma by using your mouse instead of monitor control buttons.

Auto Color Mode
Use the Auto Color Mode to assign a color mode to turn on when using specific applications such as those for writing documents, photo viewing, creating illustrations or watching movies. When an application is opened the screen will automatically switch to the assigned color mode, making manual switching unnecessary.

Hotkey Assignment
When you have two PCs connected to your monitor, switch between them with just your keyboard. Even when using picture by picture, signals can be switched quickly and easily.

Sleep Better with Automatic Blue Light Control
The Circadian Dimming function automatically changes the color temperature of your monitor as the day progresses. Maintain your body's natural circadian rhythm by setting the monitor to gradually reduce blue light during the evening, helping you sleep easier

Multi-Monitor Convenience
When using multiple monitors, save time by synchronizing all the monitors with each other. If you change the color mode, brightness or color temperature of one monitor, the rest will automatically change to the same. In addition, when one monitor’s power is turned off, all the other monitors will also turn off.

Effectively Monitor Asset Management
With Screen InStyle Server receive information such as the model name and serial number of any monitor connected to your network. Additionally, see information from the computer that each monitor is connected to, such as the OS, IP address and computer name.

Manage Multiple Monitors from One Location
Control multiple monitors' settings such as color mode, brightness, and eco functions from a remote location. Furthermore, prevent unintended setting changes by locking the operation switch.

Additional Convenience

USB Type-C, DisplayPort, HDMI x 2
One USB Type-C terminal, one DisplayPort input and two HDMI inputs compatible with 4K / 60p are installed. The USB Type-C terminal is convenient for connecting a notebook computer because it is easy to attach and detach the cable and can also supply power. All input terminals support 4K / 60p, and animation is displayed smoothly.

Picture by Picture
The FlexScan EV2785 lets you view data from two input sources at once such as a Windows and a Mac computer with no distracting bezel in between.

Free Up Your Workspace with a Stand Bracket
The PCSK-03 is a VESA-compliant bracket for easily mounting a client terminal such as a thin client or mini PC to the back of the monitor's stand. The space the client terminal previously occupied is now freed up so you can make better use of your desktop. Even with the client terminal attached you can adjust the monitor's stand freely.

5-Year Warranty
A manufacturer’s 5-year warranty covers all components including the LCD panel to ensure a long service life. This warranty is 2-years or 67% longer than the standard 3-year warranty of most monitor brands for significantly lower running costs.

Zero Bright Pixels
Zero bright policyEIZO guarantees this product will be free from bright sub-pixels for six months from purchase date.


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Hinnat ja varastotiedot

EAN-KOODI 4995047051862
Valmistajan takuu Valmistajan takuu
HINTA (KPL) 1 129,00 €


Kaapelilukkopaikka Kyllä
Kaapelilukon aukkotyyppi Kensington
Korkeudensäätö Kyllä
Korkeussäätö Kyllä
Korkeussäätö, mm 17,8 cm
Kääntyvyys Kyllä
Kääntyvä kulma alue, ° -172 - 172°
LED-merkkivalot Teho
Näyttökielet Yksinkertaistettu kiina, Perinteinen kiina, Saksa, Englanti, Espanja, Ranska, Italia, Japani, Ruotsi
OSD-kielten lukumäärä 9
Pivot-kulma, ° -45 - 45°
Pivot-toiminto Kyllä
VESA-kiinnitys Kyllä
Yhteensopiva VESA-järjestelmän kanssa, mm 100 x 100 mm

  Kevyt asiakaspääte

Thin client asennettu Ei


AC-sisään Kyllä
DisplayPort-portteja 1
DVI-portti Ei
HDCP Kyllä
HDMI-porttien lukumäärä 2
Kaiutin/kuuloke/linjaulostulo -liitin 1
Kuulokkeiden liitettävyys 3,5 mm
Sisäänrakennettu USB-keskus Kyllä
Upstream -porttien määrä 1
USB A-tyypin downstream -porttien määrä 2
USB upstream -porttityyppi USB Type-C
USB-keskuksen versio 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)

  Muut ominaisuudet

Integroitu käynnistyskytkin Kyllä
Integroitu TV-viritin Ei
Käyttöopas Kyllä
Lyhyt yhteenveto EIZO FlexScan EV2785, 68,6 cm (27"), 3840 x 2160 pikseliä, 4K Ultra HD, LED, 14 ms, Valkoinen
Näyttö LED
Tehonkulutus (maks.), W 163 W
Valosensori Kyllä
Virranhallinta Kyllä
Välkkymätön Kyllä


3D yhteensopivuus Ei
HD-tyyppi 4K Ultra HD
Katselukulma, pystysuora, ° 178°
Katselukulma, vaakasuora, ° 178°
Kontrastisuhde (tyypillinen) 1300:1
Kuvakoko, pysty, mm 33,6 cm
Kuvakoko, vaaka, mm 59,7 cm
Kuvapikselitiheys, mm 0,155 x 0,155 mm
Näyttövärejä 16,78 miljoonaa väriä
Näytön koko, " 68,6 cm (27")
Näytön muoto Litteä
Näytön resoluutio, pikseliä 3840 x 2160 pikseliä
Näytön teknologia LED
Paneelin tyyppi IPS
Tuetut grafiikan erottelutarkkuudet 640 x 480 (VGA),720 x 400,720 x 576,800 x 600 (SVGA),1024 x 768 (XGA),1280 x 1024 (SXGA),1280 x 720 (HD 720),1280 x 800 (WXGA),1600 x 1200 (UXGA),1600 x 900,1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+),1920 x 1080 (HD 1080),1920 x 2160,3840 x 2160
Vakiokuvasuhde 16:9
Vasteaika, ms 14 ms

  Paino ja mitat

Laitteen korkeus (jalustan kanssa), mm 545,2 mm
Laitteen leveys (jalustan kanssa), mm 611,4 mm
Laitteen syvyys (jalustan kanssa), mm 230 mm
Paino (jalustan kanssa), g 8,2 kg
Tuotteen korkeus, mm 356,3 mm
Tuotteen leveys, mm 611,4 mm
Tuotteen paino, g 4,9 kg
Tuotteen syvyys, mm 50 mm


Sisältää johdot AC


AMD FreeSync Ei


Energy Star -sertifioitu Kyllä
EPEAT-yhteensopivuus Gold
Sertifiointi TCO Certified Displays 7, TUV/Ergonomics, TUV/GS, RCM, CE, CB, cTUVus, FCC-B, CAN ICES-3 (B), TUV/S, VCCI-B, EPA Energy Star, WEEE, China RoHS, CCC, EAC
Väri Valkoinen


Kaiuttimien lukumäärä 2
Nimellisteho RMS, W 2 W
Sisäiset kaiuttimet Kyllä
Sisäänrakennettu kamera Ei


AC-syöttöjännite, V 100 - 240 V
AC-syöttötaajuus, Hz 50 - 60 Hz
Energialuokka A
Kokonaisenergiankulutus, kWh 43 kWh
Virrankulutus valmiustilassa, W 0,5 W
Virrankulutus, W 36 W


Käyttölämpötila, °C 5 - 35 °C
Suhteellinen kosteusalue, % 20 - 80%
Säilytysympäristön kosteus 10 - 90%
Varastointilämpötila, °C -20 - 60 °C


Bruttopaino 10.00
EAN-KOODI 4995047051862


Linkit: Information in the official manufacturer web site (english)

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